A lesson I learnt

January’s Blog-O-Sphere Think Tank topic:  “A great piece of advice. -What is one thing you would share as “the best advice ever” ?

Ok, this advice is coming entirely from personal experience and frustration at my continued harassment by members of a lay Buddhist organization called Bharat Soka Gakkai. Due to relentless harassment by them alongwith my family, I completely lost my mind 2 years ago. Thereafter, they spread rumors and lies that I lost my mental balance due to lack of money. My business fell apart from the depression that set in as a result of the constant public humiliation and harassment I was put through.

Though I’ve removed them from my facebook account and cut off all ties with them, it seems their ego has taken a hit at not getting there way with me and they continue to incessantly call and e-mail with shameless accusations of my showing lack of gratitude for the 2-bit morsels they threw at me while disgracing and humiliating me. They continue to have my family’s support who don’t even blink an eye at every opportunity they get to abuse me for the choices I’ve made in my life: to be an artist and to not get married. simple activities as stepping out into the local market have become difficult, as these are people that inhabit my neighbourhood as well and look for opportunities to toy with my mind, further deteriorating my fragile mental condition.

The Happy Hands Foundation, India, is an organization run by a member of this religious cult. Whenever, I’ve enrolled for a workshop with them, I’m deliberately made to sit next to members of this Buddhist organization who continue to provoke and harass me. I had to drop out of 2 of the workshops.

This is unbearable.

I’ve had suicidal thoughts for sometime now. Death would certainly bring respite.

So here’s my advice:

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8 thoughts on “A lesson I learnt

  1. *hugs*

    The best path is always the hardest. It’s very hard to not be affected by peoples negativity, but know that focusing on you is the most important, and following your path and what makes your soul shine.

  2. That would be very difficult to bear. If you lived in the U.S. you could just move to a different city and start over. I imagine that it would not be easy to do that where you live. I wish I could write a letter to your relatives and give them a good firm piece of my 21st century mind. You come first Pallavi. I hate it that you’re suffering. xo

    • Thankyou for understanding Catherine. You’re right. In US I could just move to a different city or even a different part of town and start over. In India there is no
      such luxury

  3. Pallavi,
    I am so sorry you have to go through this and I could say to you that adversity will make you stronger (and it eventually does) but when you are in the midst of suffering and in an inimical environment things are not easy. Extreme, blind fanaticism and undermining by friends and family that should be our support structure is painful and difficult. I can only say to you what Webster’s Vittoria says to her tormentor of a Catholic cardinal, “Through darkness diamonds spread their richest light.”
    Love you, my friend,

  4. Oh Pallavi that’s terrible! Hang in there as best you can. Stay strong and continue to focus on your beautiful work. These people are clearly negative and highly unethical; do your best to block them out. Take care.

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