Some initial thoughts on Project Bawra

India has a definitive nature and a strong cultural voice of its own. A lot of the contemporary jewelers however, tend to work in isolated pockets. Project Bawra is a callout to bring all contemporary jewellers in India under one umbrella towards developing a cognitive movement.

I do strongly believe though, that India deserves to have a national show before it welcomes International artists into the domestic arena to avoid being overwhelmed by the language of the west. This is likely to aid in developing a strong national foothold in this space so it can present itself on an equal footing for an International dialogue.

It may however, include foreigners settled in India or working in collaboration with Indians.

The tasks that I feel, lie ahead include:

  1. working towards contemporary jewellery being recognized as a valid form of art along with other art disciplines.
  2. including Contemporary jewellery in art fairs and/or contemporary jewellery fairs in India
  3. work can be presented not under any specific theme, but under the genre of contemporary/Art jewellery
  4. include works that have a clear original voice (not just original work) that push the boundaries in the categories of a) Theme/narration b)material c)technique
  5. CNC and 3d printing to be included in the mode of production alongwith hand fabrication.

Such an exciting development on the Art Jewellery scene, particularly for it to take root in India, now needs the support of the Art Community. It will be exciting to see how it develops.

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