Purvi Sanghvi

Blue Brown Desert necklace

Blue Brown Desert necklace

Purvi Sanghvi

Purvi Sanghvi

1. Please tell us a bit about yourself.

School Lady vissangi girls academy ,  1987

Narsee monjee institute  management studies ,PGDBM

Amrutben jivanlal , BCom
John cass , London , MA jewellery 2008
2. How would you describe your journey as a contemporary jeweller?
I had been a trained potter for some years and had specialised in making and designing clay beads jewellery.
There came a point wherein I couldn’t see much in future with the clay jewellery and hence studying was the only option to move forward in my work.
I studied MA jewellery design at the John Cass dept of art and design, London which was a eye opener to contemporary jewellery
I realised during my studies that I loved exploring new materials/ unconventional materials for jewellery making. And I like working with my hands hence all pieces are made by myself.
I discovered nibs to use for jewellery design by chance.
I come from a family which used to manufacture pens and nibs and since the business was closed down, there was a lot of raw stock, including the nibs.
My father wanted to dispose the huge amount of nibs ( raw stock of gold plated as well as steel polished nibs)
I was shocked that he wanted to sell it as scrap. I asked him to keep some for me which he readily agreed.
 Currently nibs is a strong element in my jewellery and I feel connected to.
The story behind the nibs in my family
Tedx link :
Forgotten Letters

Forgotten Letters

3.What inspires you? 
It all depends on the phase I am going through. Nothing or anything can inspire me.
However, I am always interested in various cultures, colours , food, materials, textures.
4.What direction do you see your work taking over the next 5/10 years?
I see my work improving,  getting more simpler with different and better quality materials and finishes. And which becomes popular and reaches a wider audience.
Green Brown Sea necklace

Green Brown Sea necklace

5.What are your thoughts about the contemporary jewellery field evolving in India?

I believe it will take some time for people to appreciate and buy contemporary Indian jewellery. Jewellery which is not made from traditional materials like gold, silver, diamonds, etc
Indians are enamoured with materials more than the concept or theme based jewellery and believe in wearing gold , silver ,etc as investment and not to wear it to express themselves through the jewellery. It’s a status issue.
Though I must mention that there is a tiny section which craves for and is looking for some thing different , something to express themselves , something which they can relate and connect to. They are open to wearing jewellery which is NOT made from conventional jewellery materials.

6.List of publications, projects and exhibitions that you’ve been involved in.

Legnica ‘silver’- may 2012
Platform gallery, London –  April 2011
Grazia   – October 2011
Youth eye   – October 2012
Creative gaga  –  nov-dec2011
Livemint newspaper – September 2011
Timeout Mumbai feb-March 2012
Vogue –  September 2013
Air India inflight magazine – August 2011
Online :
Credit mention in book : how to design bead and wire jewellery by renata graham
7.Where can one buy your work?
Currently by contacting me through the ‘the other side’ facebook page. And  through the website when it’s active.
Website being developed at present . It will take a while.
Until then you can view my work here

On the bench: beads, threads, nibs

On the pod: coke studio , pink , ani choying , one Republic, zeb and Haniya , jack Johnson,

In the drive: Maruti swift

On the shelf: Dalai lama’s cat, Paulo coelho, and cook books 🙂

11.Anything else that you would like to share about yourself?

 I don’t use leather in my work. And I try and not use any glue to stick /join materials. I would rather find a way of joining by a technique instead of gluing.
Brown Pink Desert necklace

Brown Pink Desert necklace

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