Pallavi Verma

traces necklace

traces necklace

Pallavi Verma

Pallavi Verma

1. Please tell us a bit about yourself.

I pursued B.A. Hons. Jewellery Design and Metal Smithing in Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, Belgium. Presently I am pursuing M.A. Jewellery Design in Antwerp. I moved to Antwerp about five years ago. It is hard to not be involved with art when you are in Europe and I took advantage of that. I really discovered myself here and I am still learning and discovering.

2. How would you describe your journey as a contemporary jeweller?

My college education is more directed to contemporary art and this is how I learned and got interested in contemporary art and jewellery as a whole. I was also attracted to this college because of the freedom given to the students. By freedom I mean choice of style, interest, direction, material, etc. I feel I am too young and fresh to have a signature style. I am exploring all the possibilities at the moment. I like to work with concepts, the rest (material/technique/production) flows accordingly. All of my work until now is self-made.

3. What inspires you?

I was born and brought up in India thus I am very fond of our culture and often use it as an inspiration for my work. I have had many valuable experiences in both the cultures (Indian and European), I try to use my personal experiences in my work.

memory brooch 1

memory brooch 1

With these ‘Memory Brooches’ (featured here), I aim to leave a mark/imprint/memory with the wearer and the surrounding.

These wearable brooches are colour powder containers. When worn they leave a stain on your clothes with the movement of the body during the day. The more you move, the more colour pops up on your clothes. I displayed this work in a few exhibitions as an installation with the brooches submerged in the colour powder.

4. What direction do you see your work taking over the next 5/10 years? 

With my work I will like to reach out to people more in an artistic way. I think jewellery has a lot of potential and it helps/transforms the way you look at things.

5. What are your thoughts about the contemporary jewellery field evolving in India?

Well, I recently came to know about Project Bawra. I am very glad this effort has been taken to promote contemporary jewellery in India because no doubt we (Indian) have a lot of potential. We just need more awareness.

6. List of publications, projects and exhibitions that you’ve been involved in?

– “Ways of Seeing, an open air atelier” workshop by Ciecle De Mul & Linda Ruttelynck @ Andalucia,Spain (2015,March)

– “AND REMEMBER, AN ELEPHANT NEVER FORGETS” exhibition 2015, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. (Contemporary Jewelry)

– Schmuch 2015, Munich, Germany. (Contemporary Jewelry)

New Tradition Jewellery competition 2014 Nominee, Amsterdam, Holland.

– Seiraad Fair 2014, Amsterdam, Holland. (Contemporary Jewelry)

– Biennale Interieur 2014, Kortrijk, Belgium. (Contemporary Jewelry)

– Happy Birthday Dear Academy (350 years) 2014, Antwerp, Belgium (Contemporary Jewelry & Objects)

– Schmuch 2014, Munich, Germany. (Contemporary Jewelry)

– ‘Stroom van Talent’ published on 10/12/13 on CanvasTV, (Happy Birthday Dear Academy documentary)

– Seiraad Fair 2013, Amsterdam, Holland. (Contemporary Jewelry)

– Participated in De Lions Club competition 2011, Antwerp, Belgium (Fine Art)

memory brooch 2

memory brooch 2

7. Where can one buy your work?

I have sold some group projects in my Academy and in Sieraad Fair, Amsterdam. My website is in process now so soon one will be able to see/buy my work online.

8. Website? 

In process

9. E-mail?

On the bench: Chalk, plaster, pigments, etc

On the wall: Inspirational pictures and some sketches.

In the drive: Personal works, portfolio, CV, inspirational pictures, rhino files, etc.

On the shelf: Sketch books/Art books.

11. Anything else that you would like to share about yourself? 

I enjoy my work and I aim to imprint as many people possible with my jewellery.

memory brooch 3

memory brooch 3

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