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the studio mascot

the studio mascot


5 thoughts on “studio snapshots

  1. I host a blog about exclusive and ingenious designs by emerging designers. If you have more samples I would love to see them. We will feature your items complimentary, no strings attached!

    If you are interested in having an image link advertisement on my “Shop whatigot” tab for ONE YEAR, in exchange for the item being featured in the post OR a gift certificate (minimum $40) for our weekly member giveaway, Contact us for more information.

    Hope to hear from you soon,

    Heather M. Miller

  2. Hi!
    Just bought a ring at zaza tonight. 2 little flowers in the centre balanced by 3 golden dots. i love it so much, i have been looking for a delicate but different and pretty ring like this all my life! remember telling you i didnt have my salary in yet but was so in love- had to get one. beautiful designs.
    im a graphic designer and photographer. if u ever need a poster/your stuff photographed would be happy to do it.

    • Hi Samia!
      so glad u cd find something that worked for you.that one’s Winter Flowers(no.38 of the 52 rings i’m making this year)..yes i remember u well..just browsed thro ur blogs..very interesting.

      dfntly need my work photgraphed professionally…when i can afford it..will surely give u a shout…in the meantime wd love to catch up over coffee smtm



    • thankyou Neeraj! i’m in the process of completing some collections. will post when done. you seem to be quite a prolific blogger. i’ll surely be keenly following your posts. thanx once again : )

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