Delhi Diary

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life

It is a city where I’ve lived most of my life. I love its spaces, its stories, its vibe.
It is here that I started my journey as a maker of conceptual jewellery in 2010. Looking back, I find, how much Delhi has influenced and defined my design language and the stories I narrate through my work.

the jewellery district

the jewellery district

It, therefore, only seems natural now, to channelize this work, in, what will be an ongoing series of dialogues, titled ‘Delhi Diary’.
I will be including some of my older work too, to start with, gradually leading to the new.
‘Delhi Diary’ is a chronicle of my interactions with the changing face of the city, its changing aspirations and traditions.

And through these explorations, I hope to continue and evolve the ancient tradition of establishing communal identities through jewellery, to an increasingly individualistic, contemporary society.

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