A long list of things to learn

December’s Blog-o-sphere Think Tank topic: ‘What would you really like to learn’

Geez! I fell asleep…just remembered as I woke up with a start…so I’ll quickly list out the things I want to learn.

In the jewellery trade, I want to learn lapidary work: stone cutting and stone carving.

Other than that,

  1. woodwork
  2. pottery
  3. lampwork
  4. basketry
  5. crochet & embroidery…I don’t know how I’ll manage this with my clumsy hands
  6. machine-stitching
  7. papier-mâché & decoupage
  8. screen-printing
  9. tying of different kinds of knots and braids
  10. and last, but not the least, brick-making and brick-laying. I want to raise a wall….if not build my entire room

And here’s where you can read what my other blogger friends want to learn:

Andes Cruz:  http://andescruz.wordpress.com

Kathleen Krucoff:  http://kathleenkrucoff.wordpress.com/

Catherine Witherell:  http://happydayart.typepad.com

Tosca Teran: http://wp.me/pigO-up

6 thoughts on “A long list of things to learn

  1. That should keep you busy and mostly out of trouble for the rest of your life. Unless if you decide to get married and then you’ll really have some things to worry about.

    I’ve done quite a bit of pottery and sculpture in ceramic clay. It’s really fun.
    Paper Mache is really fun too!
    Machine stitching – I think you mean free-motion stitching in line patterns right? That’s fun too.

    You better get started! :O)

  2. I suspect embroidery will be fun for you. That was what I did as a hobby for years before beads and metal took over. Basketry killed my hands, but it gave me an appreciation of the artist. I too would like to do lapidary and keep looking for a place to learn. I think when we stop learning we cease to really exist.

  3. Check out Nader Khalili and his Earth architecture at Cal-Earth http://calearth.org/about/about-nader-khalili.html
    Then come hang out in Toronto!! I know how to work/make adobe, I’ve built walls (bricks) and shelters using it. You can fire it from the inside. In certain parts of the world adobe shelters, after being built, would then be sealed; windows, doors closed up with bricks. Often to make full use of the firing process people would pile the shelter with ceramics, even paint the walls with clay paint! Then a large fire is lit within the structure, eventually turning the house into bisque! Well, that’s my simplified version, anyways. 😉

    I have a screen printing set-up for fabric, paper and glass 😀 I teach lampworking aka flame-working. I also know how to embroider, crochet and have machine embroidered (also have a set up for that, too), and pottery/ceramics!! Lolol
    now if only there was more time in a day…

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