He was a quiet man-2

I developed this brooch for the Transmission-Exposition, curated by Sebastien Carre and Florine Menant at Studio 411-Galerie, France. It is in continuation of my ‘He was a quiet man’ series and also documents my love for Delhi and its natural habitat.

Living in a culture that aggressively generates noise and pushes for constant talk-time, silence can allow for those lesser voices to be heard that are constantly under threat and in danger of being wiped out.

In this piece, the mind is mapped by the autumnal colours of an urban forest of Delhi: Sanjay van that is fighting to survive  encroachments, illegal construction, deforestation and neglect. It is dotted with beautiful lakes and streams and a plethora of flora and fauna that seem to peacefully co-exist with the city scape of a noisy and urban Delhi.

When all is dark and hush, the lesser heard voice of the sparrow can be heard, chirping, chirruping and whispering in the quiet man’s ear.

The exhibition showcases the works of 53 contemporary jewellery makers from 21 countries and runs from October 17 to December 12, 2015 at Studio 411-Galerie, Montpellier, France.

He was a quiet man

He was a quiet man

He was a quiet man


Sterling silver


Below is the map of Sanjay Van

map of sanjay van

map of sanjay van

2 thoughts on “He was a quiet man-2

  1. It is so important that we keep our forests, our lakes and rivers, our solitude… Our connection with nature. If we have a voice, no matter how small we must use it to speak out for the ones that cannot.

    • I completely agree Tosca. An urban forest particularly is a city’s life-line, source of water and clean air….and it allows us that sacred connect with nature that is not easily accessible to the city-dwellers

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