‘And still I live’: about the series

My soul is chained; My identity is erased; And still I live

India has a long-standing history of collective identity, collective conformity and often abuse of the individual by this collective.

There is an old saying: The nail that stands out gets hammered.

This couldn’t be more true of my country. Even today, as India ‘rises and shines’, there seems to be a sanctioned savageness, an unnatural aggression(borne of hunger), in the nature of this collective. The law of the jungle rules in our religious and social structures. Hierarchy and resultant servitude, hold paramount importance even in the most basic institutions of family.

I started the ‘And still I live’ series to bring this aspect to light, as much as to document human suffering.

A sadness engulfs me. It doesn’t go away. It is here to stay.

Does mental, emotional and physical harassment by religious and social quacks strengthen the human spirit? Maybe someday there will be answers…

2 thoughts on “‘And still I live’: about the series

  1. Religious quackery and dominance is pervasive throughout a large portion of our world and has been for many ages.
    It is the method of controlling the masses.
    I live in a predominately Mormon part of the states. It is so overwhelming and oppressive , though they do not see that in themselves.
    The is a local gal who is contemplating suicide due to the fact that she is unmarried at 38, and feels that she is useless due to that and will not get into heaven due to her unmarried state. There is even more, but suffice to say just that alone is an atrocity perpetrated in the name of “God”. She doesn’t fit the mold…..I think of her and wonder what words I can impart that will open the door to reality.

    • Anne you understand perfectly! I realized a little late that my life and my choice to live it the way I thought best was the only gospel worth having. But glad I realized it anyway even though it cost me my sanity.

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