Dreamtime on an Indian latitude

The Blog-o-sphere Think Tank topic for May :  “Share with us a little window in to your space/life/home.”

I thought long and hard…There are many spaces that I value immensely, spaces that fill the spaces in the spaces and add up to the making of me; some contribute everyday and some in spurts.

Is it the bookshelf, that feeds my imagination?

Is it the table where I write..design…compose…?

Is it the workbench where rituals are born?

Or is it this little space which allows me to dream? This space where time ceases to matter; where values are considered and conflicted only to dissipate into naught; This space where parallels align and merge. I think, this is it.

Hungry for more? Here’s where you can read what my friends have to say on the same topic:

Tosca Teran aka nanopod: : http://nanopod.me/2015/05/20/window-space/

marie bell :: http://www.pencilfox.com/2015/05/may-blog-o-sphere-think-tank-sharing.html

Kathleen Krucoff:  http://wp.me/pA5jX-K4

Andes Cruz: https://andescruz.wordpress.com/2015/05/20/spaces/

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