A Postcard from Spring

A Postcard from Spring

I love this season. It makes me restless and I wake up every morning with mixed emotions. The sun is finally out and the warm spring breeze- comforting…so is warming my hands on the toaster every morning.
There’s …a blossoming Simal tree outside my window….infact many where I live. Sometimes I go for a walk after lunch [yep…I can do that ; )]. Beautiful big red flowers, supple and voluptuous(hmm…definitly female), strewn all over the street. There are those who complain of the mess and the garbage bags nowadays are full of them [not the complainers : (..sigh]. In a couple of weeks, the flowers will give way to cotton balls, mercilessly aggravating my allergy. Itchy, breathless and teary-eyed, I continue to look to Spring, lovingly..longingly…afterall, it heralds the coming of my favourite season: HOT HOT Summer! : )

A Simal Spring


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