The Lovebird Family

The Lovebird family: Front & Back

 The Lovebird Family ring is particularly dear to me, as it helped me make that ‘significant’ leap in the quality(maturity) of my work and skill set.

It has Mr. and Mrs. Lovebird sitting atop one side of a vine-strewn castle wall and li’l Miss and Master Lovebird on the other side. The ring is made entirely in sterling silver.

This ring is also the 2nd ring I made as part of the ‘Ring A Week’ challenge on flickr.

Here’s how it started…

the sketchy sketch

I developed the piece as I went along, without any accurate drawing. I quite enjoyed this rather unplanned process and have made many more pieces following this method since.

The engraved castle wall


Behind the castle wall


Almost done

 You can see all my RAW rings here:

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