Beaten and weathered…O! but it’s new ; )

Textured and enamelled pure silver ring

 I made this ring some months ago, filed in the grooves and filled it with yellow enamel…an average run-of-the-mill smooth and shiny ring…not something I cared about too much.

so I decided to give it a texture and hammered it…

needless to say, the enamel cracked…the ring had also started to darken and take on a rustic worn down character…

and cracking the enamel was turning out to be…just fun! No intellectual reason there…just pure fun! I guess I hadn’t done it before and wanted to see what it felt like to see glass crack…

it was funny…I have a hand torch..and the splinters flew all over…I poured it with dirty made it crackle even more…and that made me jump higher each time!!! there were bits of glass left in the grooves of the ring..I hammered again…more fell out…

And then I just let it sit and age…

and that’s the whole story from about some months ago…

 it’s a heavy solid pure silver ring, weighs about 13 gms…it’s beaten and weathered…O! but it’s new


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