a ring for Viswakarma Day

iron clamp, red 'mouli'

no i didnt make this…it was supposed to be a brass electrical fitting..bt now…iron.

And it just sat there on my table for many days, weeks…

I made some ambitious plans for it…definately something fancy…

And then i heated it…the brass ‘coating’ was the first to go…leaving behind what looks like a cast iron clamp, particularly prone to rusting in Delhi‘s humid monsoon weather.

The plan changed..and i didnt mind it, since I really loved the rusted edgy industrial look.

I proceeded to seal it with laquer and tied the sacred red thread ‘mouli’ around it.

“a ring for Viswakarma Day”

Viswakarma is the ‘The Architect of Gods’, the divine engineer. He is worshipped in the month of September. On this day all the workers worship their tools and instruments in front of Him.
The red mouli(sacred cotton thread, usually tied on the wrist: used in many ceremonies)is tied in a knot around the electrical fitting and is an offering of cloth to the deity.

Now when i wear it, it looks like a sacred relic

I unscrewed it a tad bit so it could fit an average-sized Indian finger

iron electrical clamp, red thread 'mouli'


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