‘at the threshold’

Is anything ever really random?

Even when we’re playing around with shapes and forms…trying out different combinations, is it all really…just random?

Or is there always a guiding thought?

Sometimes I think I have random thoughts…you know…just like that

Sure Thought: 2 domed sheets lying on my table for earrings

Random Thought: picture of an antenna/dish satellite (don’t know why that picture flashed across my mind…random access memory eh?)

dish satellite ring

Guided Thought: TV tower…rectangular spiral. The start of a ring.

                                   Guided Thought is now Sure Thought.

Random Thought: bend the rectangular TV tower(?)

Guided Thought: a red hot-shot atop the rectangular TV tower

                                    Ah! Raring to go!?!

                                   Purple butterfly for passion and tranformation

Conceived Effect: ‘at the threshold’…

'at the threshold'

'at the threshold'


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